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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Play 'Spot the Male Nude Sculpture' film & television.

A small selection of Bronze finish OUTCAST sculptures
created by artist Malcolm Lidbury

Play 'Spot the Male Nude Sculpture' film & television.

Have you ever noticed in films & television programmes just how often male nude sculptures turn up tastefully displayed in the background of interior design decor of the rich & wealthy households. We have, in fact we play 'spot the nude sculpture' when watching films at home. (We also play 'spot the armillary', fascinating just how often one of those turns up)

It seems no self respecting private medical practitioner, successful corporate chief executive, business tycoon or arch villain can have a suitably presented office interior, without the obligatory bronze nude sculpture displayed somewhere.

It seems to me that the very act of displaying a nude art work in the home or workplace is in effect stating...'I can do this because of my position of power'

The successful & self assured have the confidence to do just that, to display & collect nude art & sculpture, for home & in the work place and self confidence is probably 'why' they are successful & at the top of their game to start with.

One also only has to think of the great stately homes of the English aristocracy & upper gentry to realise that being able to confidently display nude art speaks volumes about social standing & status. Full on displays of classical nudity through collections of paintings & sculpture are seemingly ‘a badge statement’ of social position & standing.

Try playing 'Spot the nude sculpture' in films yourself, its amazing how often they appear!

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