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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lidbury Pagan and Male Nude Sculptures on Wikimedia

 'Gay Male Lovers' sculpture created by Malcolm Lidbury

Yesterday I spent several hours loading a number of photo images of my own sculptures up onto wikimedia(I don't have the fastest of broadband connections living in rural backward Cornwall, in fact I'm sure that some of my downloads are actually transported by carrier pigeon sometimes).

I love wikimedia & wikipedia. I personally find it a fantastic resource for my own research. Which is why I wanted to contribute some images of my own sculptures to this important & international resource.

However, I confess that I really struggle to understand just how wikipedia & wikimedia work for contributors. Today I returned to find half my images of my sculptures re-distributed under different categories in which I had not placed them. Its all a mystery too me. The more I use the internet...the more confused & lost I become about how the systems work.

But 'some' photo images of my own sculptural creations did make it through can now be found on wikimedia with Creative Commons license 3.0
. Which basically means others can use my photo images of my sculpture creations on the license terms & condition that they credit the image back too the creator (me).

If anyone 'is' Wikimedia savvy regarding category placements of images, please be kind and relist my Lidbury sculptures in the appropriate categories, in particular 'LGBT artists' & 'Sculptures by sculptor'

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to link this blog.

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