Created by Malcolm Lidbury

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Cornwall LGBT History Project 2016

 Gay Male Art Sculpture 'Open Studio' Exhibition

Feb 13th/14th February 2016

"Damnatio Memoriae"

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Gay Mans Testimony to UK Child Sex Abuse Inquiry of institutional abuse & homophobia

Malcolm Lidbury has submitted testimony to the UK statutory Child Sex Abuse Inquiry started by Theresa May Home Secretary in 2013

In 2014 justice Goddard was appointed to head up what had become a statutory inquiry

The secretariat of the Goddard CSAinquiry has acknowledged receipt of Lidbury's testimony & issued a Ref  No. 

Due to the dishonesty & corruption Lidbury has previously experienced from UK  authorities, & in particular from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, Lidbury has placed his testimony in full in the public arena and it may be read here:-