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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Cornwall LGBT History Project 2016

 Gay Male Art Sculpture 'Open Studio' Exhibition

Feb 13th/14th February 2016

"Damnatio Memoriae"

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Gay Mans Testimony to UK Child Sex Abuse Inquiry of institutional abuse & homophobia

Malcolm Lidbury has submitted testimony to the UK statutory Child Sex Abuse Inquiry started by Theresa May Home Secretary in 2013

In 2014 justice Goddard was appointed to head up what had become a statutory inquiry

The secretariat of the Goddard CSAinquiry has acknowledged receipt of Lidbury's testimony & issued a Ref  No. 

Due to the dishonesty & corruption Lidbury has previously experienced from UK  authorities, & in particular from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, Lidbury has placed his testimony in full in the public arena and it may be read here:- 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Male Nude Sculpture BANNED from Gay Pride

...and another little visit whilst under siege

Male Nude Sculpture created by a local gay artist.
The sculptures BANNED from display at
2012 Cornwall (UK) Gay Pride to appease homophobic values ?

Now it’s no secret a few years ago Devon & Cornwall Constabulary attempted to prosecute me for my perfectly lawful & legal male nude paintings.  They failed & police later had to admit in court & to the IPCC there were NO illegal images, neither my paintings or on my computer. 

Well I had a semi-official visit to my home again recently….I always find this sort of institutional intrusion very intimidating & threatening, although on this occasion the particular visitors (not vile homophobic police) tried hard not to make it so, but by the very nature of them being there…it still was.

During the visit I had cause to point out the total legality & lawful traditional nature of my prior paintings & contemporary male nude/semi-nude sculptures which I create!  (I no longer paint due to panic attacks induced by previous & ongoing homophobic conduct of the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary)  My sculptures I create are mainly male nude based & perfectly utterly & entirely lawful & legal.

Male Sculpture BANNED & deemed NOT suitable for display at
Cornwall (UK) Gay Pride by the prejudicial Pride Committee

A while back police picked me up (& a witness) & interrogated me for about an hour after my having visited silicone mould makers with a view to putting some of my sculptures into commercial production. 

Homophobic Cornwall Police killed that creative enterprise off entirely.    Heaven forbid police were to allow any home-grown creativity or commercial art sculpture enterprise by a 'faggot' in Cornwall, UK. However, there are plenty of male nude bronze & resin sculpture imports available to buy on ebay & amazon made in Chinese sweat shop factories. I can only conclude the Chinese exporters are not such a soft target for Cornwall police to victimise.

For police like those in Cornwall targeting queers an easy soft target for many decades to boost their arrest figures.  Most Cornwall police officers I have encountered are yet to realise or accept homosexuality decriminalised in 1967.  Yes, I remember Richard Perry killing St. Columb Major, Terrence Sweet murder in Plymouth & Treluswell Falmouth incident of Cornwall police breaches of Home Office guidelines in the 1990’s. I have yet to encounter any copper in Cornwall who accepts the lawful equal age of gay sexual consent is 16yrs & came into affect in Jan 2001 (Not 2004 as stated by police & Judge Rucker in 2006. They could have just googled it!)

More recently police have been reported going after another soft target. One million persons under 17yrs of age arrested & criminalised by police in the UK since 2008.

The police seem to be working on the basis if they alienate, persecute & criminalise youngsters now, they as coppers have through their routine police victimisation & persecution in re-arresting them over forthcoming years got themselves a job for life.  It’s simply what police seem enjoy & like to doing, vindictively & prejudicially utterly destroying people’s lives!

Male Nude Sculpture BANNED from Cornwall Gay Pride 

In the years since I came out as a gay man in 1989 (23yrs ago) I have not been charged, prosecuted or convicted of any offence in a criminal court of law…BUT that has not stopped vile homophobic motivated Cornwall UK police trying year on year through their repeated homophobic motivated victimisation & intimidation.

Yes, I utterly despise & hate passionately with fervour the continued dishonesty, corruption & homophobia I have encountered & experienced which is protected within the Devon & Cornwall constabulary by senior police officers.

Back to my sculpture. I had a little count up, & even to my own surprise discovered I have created & sculpted over 113 bronze finished male sculptures.  The vast majority of my sculptures have a contemporary analogical slant on historic, traditional & classic depictions of Greek/Roman & or pagan pantheon gods and/or man-like creature/figures of classical primarily western cultural mythologies. … seemingly most Cornwall police officers desperately need to get an educational doss of appreciation of historic cultures & visit some of our British national museums like the V & A, Tate, National Gallery or British Museum, etc. outside of Cornwall to realise the male nude traditionally & historically depicted in Western Art & Culture. 

Satyr Sculpture BANNED from
display at Cornwall Gay Pride 2012

 However, I fear appreciation of art & historic culture might be w-a-y outside the comfort zone for most of the caricature like pronounced orbital frontal bone ridged troglodyte Neanderthal knuckle dragging genetic deviant DNA primordial ooze throwbacks that I seem to  have encountered in Cornwall since 2004 in Devon & Cornwall police…or perhaps I have just been really, really unlucky with the dozens of homophobic police I have encountered.

I always remember this little quote:-

“Police are never as stupid as some people want them to be or as intelligent as most people think they are”.

It seems there are those who entirely as a result of their own dubious sexual deviant propensities & their own perverse hang ups are utterly incapable of discerning between depictions of nudity in art, which is perfectly legal & the difference of that of sexual acts which may be deemed pornography. (Intercom Trust being one, that seemed to dribble & get their panties semi crutch moist when they attacked the male nude art of Cornwall based Newlyn school artist Henry Scot Tuke RA)

The attitude of Intercom Trust towards Henry Scot Tuke Art always reminds me of a quote attributed to Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec the post-impressionist artist, who when a women objected to a female nude painting by Lautrec he said (I may paraphrase as the old memory is a bit rusty, it’s a long time since I sat my history of Art exam)  

“Madam, please remove your filthy eyes off my nice clean nude painting” Lautrec

Likewise I say to those who perceive my sculptures as being sexual or pornographic

“Please take your personal sexual perversions & homophobic deviant prejudices away from my cultural, traditional & legitimate contemporary depictions of the male form through sculpture”  Lidbury

Ah, you might ask, but how many of your sculptures created depict a sexual act between two or more males… as has been suggested by Cornwall Pride?

@Answer.  = 0, ZERO, None, not a single one!

Oh, I guess Cornwall Pride lied, (yep!) so how many of these sculptures created depict a homosexual sexual act?

@Answer = 0, Zero, None, not a single one!

I have created one ‘Priapus’.   For those who may not be familiar with classical civilisations & their pantheon of Gods, ‘Priapus’, it is an ancient Greek folk fertility god, popular in classic Roman civilisation.  The phallic figure is always portrayed sporting a permanent erect & usually oversize engorged phallus. So although a contemporary sculpture it is traditionally, historically & culturally accurate then!  

So that’s one sculpture with a stiffy out of over one hundred different male nude sculptures created…whoopee-do!   (Less than 1% of ALL the male sculptures I have created).  Unless you count an altar herma sculpture which I don’t. 

Male Nude Sculpture BANNED from Cornwall Gay Pride 2012
 I think Cornwall Prides overt ignorance, discrimination & prejudice against religious diversity clearly showing beneath their stained & grubby soiled petty coats. (Shhhhh, just don’t mention involvement of their former Pride treasurer in an alleged £1 million pound tax fraud case, as Cornwall Pride do like to keep that & other dubious activities secret)!

Back to sculpture …and for any left scratching their heads wondering why most classic civilised Roman/Greek male nude sculptures generally tend to have relatively small male genitalia?

It is because large male genitalia was considered uncouth, a sign of ignorance & stupidity, often attributed to uneducated rural country folk.  The Satyrs too were often depicted with large penises,  often depicted erect on Greek Attic pottery in classical depiction, especially the older Silenus follower of Dionysos.  Whereas the younger depicted Satyrs more youthful & eventually became a conflagration with the Roman ‘Faunus’ deity to give us cute fauns like those created by the famous Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory. (Look out collectors of antique Bing & Gr√łndahl as Cornwall police in their twisted perversity will be down on you for being purveyors of child porn.)
Despite less than 1% (yes, less than ONE PERCENT) of my male sculptures even remotely being sexual & then only in depiction of a prior legitimate established historic, traditional, mythological, religious &/or cultural contextual manor.

But this ignorance entirely what I have come to expect of the deeply homophobic Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.

It’s always the same sort of blinkered types selected who are quite happy to blind eye common place & routine police discrimination, dishonesty, corruption & criminality or even bury witness statements. Why can’t we have real genuine people overseeing police who don’t toady & appease them, treating police like some sort of sacred cow beyond criticism or reproach?

Too many seem to think it acceptable (inc. seemingly IPCC) for police to publicly execute by shooting an innocent Brazilian electrician Charles de Menezes  on a tube train at Stockwell station….& for NO police officer ever be held accountable for that vile despicable & disgusting brutal unlawful killing by police (Indicative of the growing practise of institutional sanctified killings by police  in the UK, with over 250 killings in custody in recent years …& NO police officer ever held accountable, the IPCC being ineffectual & worthless!) 

That sort of public acceptance of institutional violence by those in authority eventually led in another country to the invasion of Poland in 1939.  …and as an 80yr old gay man I used to know who contributed to the Wolfenden report on the proposed decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1957 (did not happen until 1967) said…

Berlin, Germany was the most liberal gay city in the world in 1934…& look what happened there by 1939.

Getting back to nude male sculpture, most people would be surprised to learn there is no fixed definition in UK law regarding pornography. 

This anomaly best described (by a barrister) as being like a road that has a speed limit, but of an undetermined limitation on that speed. The actual speed limited only defined & decided by a court ‘after’ arrest for alleged speeding & entirely at discretion/prejudice/whim of a police officer.  

The Oxford dictionary defines pornography as printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement”.

The phalluses on my sculptures tend to be smaller than a Roman fascinus (from where the English word ‘fascinate’ originates).  I’d be astounded if anyone who upon viewing my male sculptures became sexually excited by an average penis length of about 1cm on a sculpture. …if a police officer were to perceive or get sexual arousal (theirs or anyone else’s) from a 1cm penis I would think they were in need of SERIOUS therapy for their own sexual proclivities!

Another sculpture BANNED by the homophobes in Cornwall

...or perhaps the Roman/Greeks got it entirely wrong about ‘large cock size = ignorance’ & in fact police & their lackeys have a problem more indicative of penis envy of a 1cm long cock on a male nude sculpture?

Who knows what goes on in the twisted minds of homophobic police officers?

To conclude: In my experience facts & the law have never mattered to  Devon & Cornwall police officers & their lickspittle bootlicker supporters given their protected & embedded homophobic values & practises I have regrettably encountered since 2004!

Meanwhile Cornwall police intimidation, bullying, threats & police homophobically encouraged & motivated conduct continues unabated.  

My bitter experience is & remains police really are the criminal HOMOPHOBIC thugs we are warned about!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Naked Male Youth in Art ; Photo Books

Photo book of the classical male youth photographed by Baron von Gloeden

Photo book of the classical male youth paintings of Henry Scott Tuke RA

Photo book of the Roman emperor Hadrian's lover 'Antinous', the original gay youth

The Male Nude Youth Art of Malcolm Lidbury

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Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to link this blog.

Friday, 8 July 2011

(ABOVE: One of my photographic images which can be bought as high quality prints)

There just are not enough hours in the day. I've spent the last couple of days loading some of my art images to an American website called Deviantart.

Now lucky peps in the USA can buy high quality prints of my artworks here.

I have a number of different galleries to look through on Deviantart which include my paintings, sculpture & photographic work.

Please take a bimble there (even if, shock, horror, its to look at some of the other contributors work).

I will get back to my sculpture postings soon, it just takes me so long to upload anything out here in the sticks, my trained hamster who lives in the computer just cannot keep up the binary calculations on his ancient abacus.

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Monday, 4 July 2011

(ABOVE: A collection of Pagan & Male Nude Sculptures
created by Malcolm Lidbury)

More Pagan & Male Nude Sculpture loaded up onto wikimedia today. In categories like Youth in Art, Bondage in art, Pagan art, etc.

The only way I feel I can protect my art & sculpture from the homophobic attitudes & practises of Devon & Cornwall police is to distribute images of my art & sculpture creations far and wide. By making them available on wikimedia it means others can use the images under Creative Commons long as the images are attributed back to me.

Once you have been burned by the anti-gay attitudes & deeply homophobic police like those I have encountered in Cornwall (UK) it leaves a scar on the very soul.

I was however refreshed to see at least New York Gay Pride, where the Pride movement started back in 1969 has not let the police off the hook & still openly protest today in 2011 about the continuing rampant homophobia in the NYPD.

Unfortunately where I live in Cornwall (UK) the police have huge influence over Cornwall Gay Pride (UK), which is why as a local gay man, my own art is BANNED from Cornwall 'gay?' Pride.

So many older lesbians & gay men in Cornwall(UK) who fought for gay equality during the 1980's & 1990's have nothing to do with the Cornwall pride? which excludes & ostracises lesbians & gays who dare raise issues about institutional homophobia of Cornwall Pride sponsors, (like Devon & Cornwall Constabulary).

Yes, I have a real bee in my bonnet about protected homophobic practises & prejudice within the British police force.

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