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Monday, 4 July 2011

(ABOVE: A collection of Pagan & Male Nude Sculptures
created by Malcolm Lidbury)

More Pagan & Male Nude Sculpture loaded up onto wikimedia today. In categories like Youth in Art, Bondage in art, Pagan art, etc.

The only way I feel I can protect my art & sculpture from the homophobic attitudes & practises of Devon & Cornwall police is to distribute images of my art & sculpture creations far and wide. By making them available on wikimedia it means others can use the images under Creative Commons long as the images are attributed back to me.

Once you have been burned by the anti-gay attitudes & deeply homophobic police like those I have encountered in Cornwall (UK) it leaves a scar on the very soul.

I was however refreshed to see at least New York Gay Pride, where the Pride movement started back in 1969 has not let the police off the hook & still openly protest today in 2011 about the continuing rampant homophobia in the NYPD.

Unfortunately where I live in Cornwall (UK) the police have huge influence over Cornwall Gay Pride (UK), which is why as a local gay man, my own art is BANNED from Cornwall 'gay?' Pride.

So many older lesbians & gay men in Cornwall(UK) who fought for gay equality during the 1980's & 1990's have nothing to do with the Cornwall pride? which excludes & ostracises lesbians & gays who dare raise issues about institutional homophobia of Cornwall Pride sponsors, (like Devon & Cornwall Constabulary).

Yes, I have a real bee in my bonnet about protected homophobic practises & prejudice within the British police force.

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