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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Male Nude Paintings Cornwall police tried 'unsuccessfully' to prosecute for

ABOVE: One of my paintings which Devon & Cornwall police
attempted unsuccessfully to try to prosecute me for?

Yes, I know this blog is 'primarily' about my male nude sculptures. However, I just thought I would put this link in to my former paintings (& sculptures) which can be found here on wikimedia

I have not painted since 2004 when the homophobes of Devon & Cornwall police kicked in the front door of my home & attempted to prosecute me (unsuccessfully) for my male nude paintings which I had been selling at the time legitimately & lawfully on ebay. The very same paintings you can see on this wikimedia link.

Police have had to admit twice on two separate occasions that allegations made against me were in fact false, but so ingrained is homophobia within the Devon & Cornwall constabulary that they decline to prosecute the vile persons who have made the malicious allegations initially or investigate the abuses carried out by named & identified police officers subsequently.

So voracious & intense has been the homophobic prejudice & discrimination I have experienced from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary Police (and still continue to do so to this day) that I attempted suicide.

As a result, I have not painted since 2004 as I suffer severe panic attacks, the symptoms of which are so painful similar to that of a heart attack.

According to two professional medical assessments now, I am so traumatised by the catalogue of Cornwall police misconduct I have experienced since 2004...and still on going, it has severely adversely affected me both physically & emotionally.

Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom it is almost impossible to sue the police (who in recent years have become a law unto themselves. See killing of Ian Tomlinson, Killing of Charles de Menezes, assault on Mark Aspinall, etc.) unless one is extremely wealthy. Justice in the United Kingdom has become the exclusive preserve of those wealthy enough to buy it.

As a gay man & an artist of the male nude I believe it is imperative that LGBT people do not get lulled into the blatant lie that the UK police are no longer homophobic. THEY ARE! My own experience & that of other LGBT persons known too me tells me police in the United Kingdom (and in particular in Cornwall) are & every bit as deeply prejudicial & homophobic as an organisation as they have always been.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lidbury Pagan and Male Nude Sculptures on Wikimedia

 'Gay Male Lovers' sculpture created by Malcolm Lidbury

Yesterday I spent several hours loading a number of photo images of my own sculptures up onto wikimedia(I don't have the fastest of broadband connections living in rural backward Cornwall, in fact I'm sure that some of my downloads are actually transported by carrier pigeon sometimes).

I love wikimedia & wikipedia. I personally find it a fantastic resource for my own research. Which is why I wanted to contribute some images of my own sculptures to this important & international resource.

However, I confess that I really struggle to understand just how wikipedia & wikimedia work for contributors. Today I returned to find half my images of my sculptures re-distributed under different categories in which I had not placed them. Its all a mystery too me. The more I use the internet...the more confused & lost I become about how the systems work.

But 'some' photo images of my own sculptural creations did make it through can now be found on wikimedia with Creative Commons license 3.0
. Which basically means others can use my photo images of my sculpture creations on the license terms & condition that they credit the image back too the creator (me).

If anyone 'is' Wikimedia savvy regarding category placements of images, please be kind and relist my Lidbury sculptures in the appropriate categories, in particular 'LGBT artists' & 'Sculptures by sculptor'

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Play 'Spot the Male Nude Sculpture' film & television.

A small selection of Bronze finish OUTCAST sculptures
created by artist Malcolm Lidbury

Play 'Spot the Male Nude Sculpture' film & television.

Have you ever noticed in films & television programmes just how often male nude sculptures turn up tastefully displayed in the background of interior design decor of the rich & wealthy households. We have, in fact we play 'spot the nude sculpture' when watching films at home. (We also play 'spot the armillary', fascinating just how often one of those turns up)

It seems no self respecting private medical practitioner, successful corporate chief executive, business tycoon or arch villain can have a suitably presented office interior, without the obligatory bronze nude sculpture displayed somewhere.

It seems to me that the very act of displaying a nude art work in the home or workplace is in effect stating...'I can do this because of my position of power'

The successful & self assured have the confidence to do just that, to display & collect nude art & sculpture, for home & in the work place and self confidence is probably 'why' they are successful & at the top of their game to start with.

One also only has to think of the great stately homes of the English aristocracy & upper gentry to realise that being able to confidently display nude art speaks volumes about social standing & status. Full on displays of classical nudity through collections of paintings & sculpture are seemingly ‘a badge statement’ of social position & standing.

Try playing 'Spot the nude sculpture' in films yourself, its amazing how often they appear!

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Monday, 27 June 2011

BRONZE BOY SLEEPING: ANDY 1996: Missed, not forgotten

ABOVE: An early sculpture by Lidbury created in 1996

Although I have titled the above bronze finish sculpture 'ANDY 1996', it is not of Andy.

Andy Roger Smith was my partner in 1996 & he had been diagnosed as having HIV/AIDS. Diagnosed WITH HIV/AIDS in August 1994, he went blind as a result of his HIV/AIDS quite quickly.

As his career and partner we spent many quite evenings together as his condition deteriated. During this time I created this sculpture whilst just sitting with him listening to the telly in the evenings. It is still one of my personal favourite sculptures.

I have included the youtube video link below about Andy & his HIV/AIDS struggle against prejudice & discrimination of the authorities in Cornwall. Andy died aged 29 yrs old Christmas 1996. Gay prejudice Still a problem even today in Devon & Cornwall police & Cornwall Council.

The Discretonary HIV/AIDS Trust fund 'SPROCKET TRUST' started by Andy continues to raise awareness & challenge institutional gay prejudice & discrimination carried out by Cornwall police & other Cornish authorities.

The SPROCKET TRUST has supported a youtube channel which has received more than TWO & A HALF MILLION views of videos raising awareness of continued institutional prejudice & discrimination by Cornwall's authorities.

For information & support for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS issues in Cornwall please visit Kernow Positive Support


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Sunday, 26 June 2011

TORSO: Male Nude Ephebe Youth Sculpture by Lidbury

(ABOVE: Traditional Male Nude Torso Sculpture created by Malcolm Lidbury)

The TORSO: The youthful adolescent ephebe male torso has been a traditional starting point for the sculptor to practise figurative sculptural art. My own creation of a ephebe male youth torso (above image) is in keeping with that starting point of traditional classical sculptural fine art.

The torso is the part of the human body where the limbs are attached. Often in sculpture with the head and limbs omitted or removed; Some people also call it the trunk. It is made of chest, back, abdomen and in male sculptural representation may frequently include the genitals.

Classical Roman & Greek examples of torso statues & sculpture frequently found in great Museums and galleries.
Example: Torso of a youth: Metropolitan Museum of Art USA.

Another example: Torso Diadumenos in the Louvre Museum, Paris

A more contemporary Torso sculpture example Indiana University Purdue Indianapolis USA

Emasculation by hammer & chisel
There have been frequent lapses in history where by public art/sculpture has been irresponsibly defaced & vandalised by the removal of the genitals from bronze, marble & stone male statuary.

In 1530, the eruption of Counter Reformation fanaticism following the Renaissance, the edict of the Council of Trent forbade the depiction of genitals, buttocks and breasts in church art.

In 1557, the fig leaves were instituted by the bull of Pope Paul IV. Many of the fig leaves that we see were put in place on the personal initiative of Pope Innocent X (1644-1655) who, for reasons of his own, preferred metal leaves to the plaster ones. This Pope, to his credit, spared most of the art in the Vatican.

The Catholic Pope Pius IX in 1857 is reputed to have decided that the accurate representation of the flaccid male penis on the few remain unvandalised statues might by too homoerotic and incite lust inside the Vatican. So Pope Pius IX allegedly had remaining offending attachments hacked off male statue inside the Vatican. An act of criminal damage of some great classical works of art.

The fig leaves were promptly added by his successor to stop the iconoclasm.

All in all, the destructive campaign raged for 450 years and resulted in the destruction of much Catholic visual art.

However, I always find amusing the idea there may be a room somewhere in the vast Vatican City complex simply piled high with the remnant marble penis castrations left over from the various papal ravages.

Unfortunately, even today there are still those who would censor & suppress, even destroy art, history & culture, like the destruction of the Baniyan Buddas in 2001.

Including in Cornwall (UK) where I live, where the Cornish police prefer ignorance and intimidation to cultural enlightenment and have actively targeted with a view to prosecute artists for artistic depiction of the Male Nude. Despite this being contary to the Human Rights Act article 10. The right to freedom of expression, which includes art.

A Male nude watercolour painting which in 2004 homophobic Devon & Cornwall police
 attempted, but failed to prosecute the artist for creating

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

In the begining..... My Male Nude Art, Paintings & Sculpture

Male Nude Watercolour painting by Lidbury which
Devon & Cornwall Police attempted but failed to prosecute him for in 2004

My Male Nude Art, Paintings & Sculpture

In the beginning...

It is fair to say my own Male Nude art has been influenced by classical Roman & Greek sculpture, also by the paintings of artists like Henry Scott Tuke RA, and photographic work of the likes of Robert Mapplethorpe & Baron Wilhelm von Glodeon.

It is also difficult to talk about my male nude art & sculpture without raising the issue of oppressive censorship of male nude art by homophobic & prejudicial actions of institutions like Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

In 2004, I used too run a successful internet business selling my own watercolour paintings of Male Nudes. I don’t anymore, following a protracted vicious homophobic vendetta carried out by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary in an ‘unsuccessful’ anti-gay motivated attempt to prosecute me for my male nude art.

(ABOVE:Watercolour paintings created by Lidbury for a South African HIV/AIDS charity. Devon & Cornwall Police withheld documentation stopping charitable sale off the paintings which police deemed as sexually offensive).

Cornwall police even prevented the sale by auction of my African themed watercolour paintings created on behalf of a South African HIV/AIDS charity.

Cornwall Police withheld documentation after the police forensics had deemed there were NO illegal images on my computer. Later Cornwall police had to admit in writing that malicious allegations which had been made against me were in fact false, but by then the damage had been done.

Devon & Cornwall Police later had to admit both in court & in a partial Independent Police Complaints Commission enquiry that there were no illegal images. However, Cornwall police have been abusive, uncooperative & obstructive in refusing to investigate the misconduct of police officers involved in multiple incidents since.

The severe impact & harrowingly traumatic adverse affect due to misconduct of numerous prejudicial & discriminatory Cornwall police officers lead directly to my actually attempting suicide.

I still have not recovered from this abusive trauma carried out by Cornwall’s homophobic police & it has severely adversely affected not only my life, but has adversely affected my family & friends, as well as intruded into the freedom to creatively express myself through my art.

(ABOVE: Another of Lidbury's watercolour paintings which Cornwall Police tried but failed to prosecute the artist for creating)

To this day I still suffer from a form of Agoraphobia & severe panic attacks as a direct result of a continued Cornwall police harassment which has been on going since 2004. I have been accessed by Health professionals who have deemed me logical & rational, but severely traumatised by the police instigated violence & incidents. These have included two violent assaults, the vandalism of my vehicles, theft from my home, intimidation threats against my elderly mother & her tenants, attempted blackmail, attempted extortion, death threats & threats of physical violence. ALL these crimes against me, my family & friends are as a result of the protected homophobic attitudes & practises which still operate within the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.

As a result I am in receipt of Incapacity benefit for the Agoraphobia & severe heart attack like panic attacks and I do not leave my isolated rural home in Cornwall (UK) without a witness career to escort me. All this oppressive violence upon the creative spirit is as a result of the multiple incidents of Cornwall police dishonesty, prejudice & discrimination.

Unfortunately, my experience is not isolated but in common with that of 80% of persons surveyed by the IPCC who expressed dissatisfaction in that complaints against UK police are investigated unsatisfactorily. The police complaint system in the United Kingdom is deeply flawed, dishonest & highly abusive towards victims of police criminality & misconduct.

I know as fact of personal experience that it is not just in high profile cases police routinely lie, misrepresent the truth & are dishonest by using misinformation to cover up their police abuses of power & violence.

Example : In the police execution of Brazilian electrician Charles de Menezes in London Stockwell tube station or the police beating & violent assault upon Afghan British Army military war hero Mark Aspinall or the unlawful killing of innocent newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson following a beating to the ground by police

Since I physically & emotionally cannot paint anymore due to trauma induced panic attacks I still get as a result of the police misconduct, I now sculpt.

“Where art is censored, destroyed & books burnt, the oppression, destruction & burning of the people tends to follow”

It is fair to say that the extreme homophobic prejudice I have witnessed & experienced from named & identified Devon & Cornwall Police officers in recent years has influenced my determination to challenge prejudicial & discriminatory oppressive violations by Cornwall Police of the Human Rights Act, Right to Freedom of Expression(includes through art) & the Right to Freedom from Discrimination (includes sexuality when in conjunction with another article of the HRA).

(ABOVE: 'Gay Lovers' sculpture created by Malcolm Lidbury)

I may not be able to physically continue to paint any more as a result of Cornwall police multiple abuses & violence upon the spirit, but whilst I can, I will continue to creatively sculpt the naked male figure.

Friday, 24 June 2011

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