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Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Naked Male Youth in Art ; Photo Books

Photo book of the classical male youth photographed by Baron von Gloeden

Photo book of the classical male youth paintings of Henry Scott Tuke RA

Photo book of the Roman emperor Hadrian's lover 'Antinous', the original gay youth

The Male Nude Youth Art of Malcolm Lidbury

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Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to link this blog.

Friday, 8 July 2011

(ABOVE: One of my photographic images which can be bought as high quality prints)

There just are not enough hours in the day. I've spent the last couple of days loading some of my art images to an American website called Deviantart.

Now lucky peps in the USA can buy high quality prints of my artworks here.

I have a number of different galleries to look through on Deviantart which include my paintings, sculpture & photographic work.

Please take a bimble there (even if, shock, horror, its to look at some of the other contributors work).

I will get back to my sculpture postings soon, it just takes me so long to upload anything out here in the sticks, my trained hamster who lives in the computer just cannot keep up the binary calculations on his ancient abacus.

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Monday, 4 July 2011

(ABOVE: A collection of Pagan & Male Nude Sculptures
created by Malcolm Lidbury)

More Pagan & Male Nude Sculpture loaded up onto wikimedia today. In categories like Youth in Art, Bondage in art, Pagan art, etc.

The only way I feel I can protect my art & sculpture from the homophobic attitudes & practises of Devon & Cornwall police is to distribute images of my art & sculpture creations far and wide. By making them available on wikimedia it means others can use the images under Creative Commons long as the images are attributed back to me.

Once you have been burned by the anti-gay attitudes & deeply homophobic police like those I have encountered in Cornwall (UK) it leaves a scar on the very soul.

I was however refreshed to see at least New York Gay Pride, where the Pride movement started back in 1969 has not let the police off the hook & still openly protest today in 2011 about the continuing rampant homophobia in the NYPD.

Unfortunately where I live in Cornwall (UK) the police have huge influence over Cornwall Gay Pride (UK), which is why as a local gay man, my own art is BANNED from Cornwall 'gay?' Pride.

So many older lesbians & gay men in Cornwall(UK) who fought for gay equality during the 1980's & 1990's have nothing to do with the Cornwall pride? which excludes & ostracises lesbians & gays who dare raise issues about institutional homophobia of Cornwall Pride sponsors, (like Devon & Cornwall Constabulary).

Yes, I have a real bee in my bonnet about protected homophobic practises & prejudice within the British police force.

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Naked Spartan Youth Sculpture created by Lidbury:

Naked Sparta Youth Sculpture created by Lidbury:

A sculpture which I recently completed:

The Spatan Youth
When male Spartans began military training at age seven, they would enter the Agoge system. The 'Agoge' was designed for military discipline and physical toughness. Male youths lived in communal military quarters and were underfed deliberately, to encourage them in the skill of stealing food. Besides physical and weapons training, male youth studied reading, writing, music and dancing.

Beginning at the age of 12 Spartan boys would be given only one item of clothing per year — a red cloak known as a 'Phoinikis'. At the age of twelve, the Agoge obliged Spartan boys to take an older male mentor, usually an unmarried young man. The older man was expected to function as mentor to his junior partner; however, it is also reasonably certain that they had sexual relations (the exact nature of Spartan pederasty is fiercely debated).

At the stage of paidiskoi, around the age of 18, the Sparta students became reserve members of the Spartan army. Some became part of the Crypteia, a type of 'Secret Police' testing their skills by targeting the helot slave population.

The Sacred Band of Thebes.

The Sacred Band of Thebes was a troop of picked soldiers, consisting of 150 pederastic (age-structured) male couples which formed the elite force of the Theban army in the 4th century BC.

Plutarch recorded that the Sacred Band was made up of male couples (lovers). The Sacred Band originally formed of hand-picked men who were couples, each lover and beloved selected from the ranks of the existing Theban citizen-army. The pairs consisted of the older "heníochoi", or charioteers, and the younger "parabátai", or companions, all housed and trained at the states expense in order to fight as hoplites. The firmly held belief was that male lovers would fight more fiercely and cohesively to defend their male lover beside them in battle, than would strangers who had no ardent bonds.

In about 300 BC, the town of Thebes erected a giant stone lion on a pedestal at the burial site of the Sacred Band. This monument was restored in the 20th Century and still stands today. Although Plutarch claims that all three hundred of the Band's warriors died that day, excavation of the burial site at the Lion Monument in 1890 turned up 254 skeletons, arranged in seven rows.

The film 300 made in 2007 is a fictionalized retelling of the Spartan warrior Battle of Thermopylae.

Yet another example of my male nude sculptures which are banned from display or exhibition as being too homoerotic at Cornwall 'gay?' Pride 2011. If the chairperson of Cornwall Pride 2011 sees 'sex' through his eyes in my sculptures, then like beauty, sexual arousal must also be in the eye of the beholder?

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Friday, 1 July 2011

My Nude Young Men in Photography: Flesh of Leopards

(ABOVE: One of the images from my 'Flesh of Leopards' photographic collection of Nude Young Men)

Well yes I know it's not sculpture, but I do use my own photos as reference for my sculptures.

One of the male models used in the photos lives in our house. He still assists at the drop of a hat to whip his kit off when I'm sculpting so I can get a curve, fold or form right.

I include this blog reference to my male nude photographic work, as I'm having some difficulties with wikimedia accepting that my own photo images are indeed my own images, despite my having sent a required copyright permission email.

Hey Ho, it seems there is a certain hostility & prejudice towards gay artists contributing to so many art and other websites if openly gay.

I have encountered so much homophobic prejudice towards my homocentric art, in particular from the homophobic neo-Nazi of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary (who tried in 2004 unsuccessfully to prosecute me for my lawful paintings), the art philistines at Intercom Trust (who attacked the art work of Henry Scott Tuke), and the anti-gay art Cornwall Gay Pride committee (who banned my sculptures from Cornwall Pride).

It's not just the likes of Stalin’s Russian Communism or Hitler’s Third Reich which censored art ruthlessly. Art censorship is alive & well in Cornwall (UK) due too pious over reaction to male nudity in art

NB: Please note there is NOTHING pornographic going on in the original photographs from which I have created the 'Flesh of Leopards' photographs. Simply ‘male nudes in photography’.

Do take a bimble to wikimedia and checkout some (just some) of my artwork, paintings sculpture & photographic.

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