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Monday, 27 June 2011

BRONZE BOY SLEEPING: ANDY 1996: Missed, not forgotten

ABOVE: An early sculpture by Lidbury created in 1996

Although I have titled the above bronze finish sculpture 'ANDY 1996', it is not of Andy.

Andy Roger Smith was my partner in 1996 & he had been diagnosed as having HIV/AIDS. Diagnosed WITH HIV/AIDS in August 1994, he went blind as a result of his HIV/AIDS quite quickly.

As his career and partner we spent many quite evenings together as his condition deteriated. During this time I created this sculpture whilst just sitting with him listening to the telly in the evenings. It is still one of my personal favourite sculptures.

I have included the youtube video link below about Andy & his HIV/AIDS struggle against prejudice & discrimination of the authorities in Cornwall. Andy died aged 29 yrs old Christmas 1996. Gay prejudice Still a problem even today in Devon & Cornwall police & Cornwall Council.

The Discretonary HIV/AIDS Trust fund 'SPROCKET TRUST' started by Andy continues to raise awareness & challenge institutional gay prejudice & discrimination carried out by Cornwall police & other Cornish authorities.

The SPROCKET TRUST has supported a youtube channel which has received more than TWO & A HALF MILLION views of videos raising awareness of continued institutional prejudice & discrimination by Cornwall's authorities.

For information & support for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS issues in Cornwall please visit Kernow Positive Support


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