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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Male Nude Paintings Cornwall police tried 'unsuccessfully' to prosecute for

ABOVE: One of my paintings which Devon & Cornwall police
attempted unsuccessfully to try to prosecute me for?

Yes, I know this blog is 'primarily' about my male nude sculptures. However, I just thought I would put this link in to my former paintings (& sculptures) which can be found here on wikimedia

I have not painted since 2004 when the homophobes of Devon & Cornwall police kicked in the front door of my home & attempted to prosecute me (unsuccessfully) for my male nude paintings which I had been selling at the time legitimately & lawfully on ebay. The very same paintings you can see on this wikimedia link.

Police have had to admit twice on two separate occasions that allegations made against me were in fact false, but so ingrained is homophobia within the Devon & Cornwall constabulary that they decline to prosecute the vile persons who have made the malicious allegations initially or investigate the abuses carried out by named & identified police officers subsequently.

So voracious & intense has been the homophobic prejudice & discrimination I have experienced from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary Police (and still continue to do so to this day) that I attempted suicide.

As a result, I have not painted since 2004 as I suffer severe panic attacks, the symptoms of which are so painful similar to that of a heart attack.

According to two professional medical assessments now, I am so traumatised by the catalogue of Cornwall police misconduct I have experienced since 2004...and still on going, it has severely adversely affected me both physically & emotionally.

Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom it is almost impossible to sue the police (who in recent years have become a law unto themselves. See killing of Ian Tomlinson, Killing of Charles de Menezes, assault on Mark Aspinall, etc.) unless one is extremely wealthy. Justice in the United Kingdom has become the exclusive preserve of those wealthy enough to buy it.

As a gay man & an artist of the male nude I believe it is imperative that LGBT people do not get lulled into the blatant lie that the UK police are no longer homophobic. THEY ARE! My own experience & that of other LGBT persons known too me tells me police in the United Kingdom (and in particular in Cornwall) are & every bit as deeply prejudicial & homophobic as an organisation as they have always been.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please feel free to link this blog and take a peek at my images of my artwork on wikimedia.

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  1. My heart goes to you Malcolm.

    What sick society we live in when such things are allowed to happen. Once again it proves that law enforcement is out of control and should be reined in.

    I hope all goes well for you and that you get back to the arts full time very soon..


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